Trump Just Used Moore’s Loss To Toot His Own Horn In Weird Morning Tweet

A cranky President Trump awoke this morning to take to Twitter and boast about even though he had just lost two major races this year, he himself was still a “winner,” showing a telling disregard for the fortunes of the morally vacant political party he opportunistically commandeered and now leads.

The President appears to be referring to the victories of terrifying theocrat Karen Handel in Georgia, reporter-punching Greg Gianforte in Montana. Ralph Norman in South Carolina, Ron Estes in Kansas. and John Curtis in Utah – of which most of the races were much, much closer than the President would like to admit.

In addition, Trump failed to mention that Democrat Jimmy Gomez won his race in California’s 28th district, making the Republican House streak five of six races.

The president also failed to mention that on Election Day 2017, Democrats scored a string of stunning victories in the deep South with a variety of candidates in traditionally conservative areas. Moore and Gillispie’s defeats just add fuel to a blazing fire of political activism that shines through the darkness of the Trump Era, portending a Democratic tidal wave in 2018 – a prospect which clearly has the President worried.

The President’s “boast” is curious indeed, seeing as he endorsed both Gillespie and Moore and actively campaigned for both of them. It appears that our hypersensitive President is having serious difficulty grappling with the tangible results of his embarrassing defeats – and demonstrating once again that he is entirely incapable of letting anything that bothers him go.

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