Raging Trump Just Threatened NBC News In Morning Twitter Tirade

By now it’s clear that President Donald Trump has little respect for the checks and balances that ensure people like him don’t become despots. And he certainly has little respect for the free press.

The President was more than happy to display his dictatorial streak for the world to this morning with some rather shocking Tweets.

The story Trump is referring to was yesterday’s revelation that he asked top military officials for a tenfold increase the United States’ nuclear weapons arsenal, a request that shocked those present.

The meeting at which Trump made the request was the same meeting that reportedly caused Rex Tillerson to call the President a “f*cking moron.”

While his attacks on the “Fake News Media” are now standard fare, calling for the closure of news organisations critical of his presidency is a new low for the bombastic Commander in Chief.

Shutting down independent media organisations is textbook fascism, but it’s doubtful the President knows or cares. In fact, forcing the nation to like him is probably what Donald Trump desires most.

And despite what Trump says, having an independent media that isn’t afraid to hold leaders to account is conducive to a healthy democracy.

A free and independent press is one of the cornerstones of democracy and freedom. But Trump wouldn’t know anything about that.

Add your name to millions demanding Congress take action on the President’s crimes. IMPEACH TRUMP & PENCE!

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