Omarosa Just Spilled The Beans On The Trump White House

Yesterday, it was revealed that Omarosa Manigault Newman, former star of The Apprentice and longtime Trump ally would be vacating her $179,000 salaried position as Director of Communications for the White House Public Liaison Office.

The White House claimed Omarosa resigned willingly, but CNN’s April Ryan told a different story: Omarosa was forcibly escorted from the White House screaming and cursing on the orders of Chief of Staff John Kelly. Later, it was reported that it was because Omarosa tried to barge into the White House residence, tripped an alarm, and infuriated Kelly.

President Trump eventually took to Twitter to offer Omarosa a lackluster sendoff:

This morning, Omarosa appeared on Good Morning America with Michael Strahan to tell her side of the story. She claimed she wasn’t fired but instead resigned. She also claimed she wasn’t forcibly escorted from the White House, refuting April Ryan’s reporting. Omarosa said Ryan is the only one reporting that she was fired, and blamed it on a personal vendetta.

Omarosa brought up the fact that the Secret Service tweeted out a message asserting that they did not escort her off the grounds. However, the Secret Service did not say that a different group, like perhaps the police, didn’t remove Omarosa from the grounds.

The Secret Service added that they had deactivated her security pass. When asked about the pass during the interview, Omarosa gave a strange answer. She claimed it was only one of her security passes that had been canceled, and that she has less access now. It’s an odd claim, given that she also claimed that she will be continuing in the exact same role she was working before.

Omarosa’s email has also been deactivated, seemingly undermining the idea that her departure was amicable and that she will be continuing to work until January 20th.

The most interesting part of the interview was when Strahan asked her if it was true that she was upset by President Trump’s handling of Charlottesville and his endorsement of the pedophile Roy Moore for U.S. Senate. Omarosa said she must be careful about what she says right now because she still has time left to serve.

She said there were “many things” that upset and disturbed her and made her uncomfortable. She promised that when she tells her story, it will be quite a profound one.

Overall, the interview comes across as self-serving on the part of Omarosa. It sounds like she’s just laying the groundwork to peddle a book about her time in the White House, and many of her answers come across as less than forthright. It’s a very carefully modulated performance, something the reality star excels at.

It’s worth noting that this woman agreed to serve under the most incompetent, bigoted, and hateful president this country has ever seen. She either has terrible judgment or no moral backbone, just like every other man and woman that has decided to work for Trump to advance themselves.

In the post-interview, host Robin Roberts seemed less than impressed with Omarosa and said she expects the ousted Trump aide to try to sell her story. Roberts then sent a heavy dose shade her way by saying — almost under her breath — the popular viral dismissal: “Bye Felicia.”

The original “Bye Felicia” can be seen in the Ice Cube move Friday:

Hopefully, Omarosa drops the act soon and gives us a real glimpse behind the curtain. The American people deserve to know what disturbing things she witnessed, and they deserve to know now.

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Robert Haffey

Rob Haffey is a graduate of Drexel University and the winner of the ScreenCraft Fellowship.

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