General “Mad Dog” Mattis Just Put An End To Trump’s Biggest Russia Lie

In a spontaneous Q&A today in the Pentagon briefing area, Defense Secretary James Mattis directly contradicted President Trump’s claims that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 presidential election, saying, “Yes, I believe they did.”

Of course, in reporting the event, FOX News headlined the fact that Mattis hadn’t seen any “shyness” on the part of White House intelligence advisors when it comes to presidential briefings on Russia, refuting recent internal claims that such intel makes the president “too upset” and must therefore be censored.

But the real news is that Mattis announced, as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson did earlier this week, that he accepts the reality that Russia meddled in the election to favor Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton.  It remains to be seen if Special Prosecutor Mueller’s investigation into collusion between the Kremlin and Trump’s inner circle holds credibility for the Pentagon chief, as well.

Meanwhile, congressional Republicans’ are doing their best to obstruct the probe.  Of course, it turns out that most of them are on the Russia payroll, too.

Despite conceding Russian meddling shortly after being elected, Trump has since returned to the lie that there was none.  He has gone so far to insult all 17 intelligence agencies for confirming Russian President Vladimir Putin’s multi-pronged campaign against American democracy, with special ire reserved for the F.B.I.

If he knows Russia tampered with the American election, Mattis is either secretly protecting us all from Russia’s presidential asset, or he’s willingly upholding an illegitimate president and his un-American agenda. 

There was speculation that Mattis, White House chief of staff John Kelly, and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster were all in cahoots to save America from the mad president.

However, after General Kelly opened his mouth to slander a black congresswoman and then said that the North should have “compromised” on slavery to prevent the Civil War, many previously trusting Americans lost faith that the triumvirate of military brass was intellectually equipped to protect us.

McMaster, however is rumored to have called the president an “idiot,” and Mattis was caught in August delivering a speech to the troops that seemed to imply that they should “hold the line” until our chaotic leader exits the Oval Office.

We, the people, however, should not “hold the line” and wait passively for change.  We must make ourselves ungovernable, in order to bring this national nightmare to a swift  and uplifting conclusion. 


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