Washington D.C. Cops Just Got Sued For Using Rape As A Weapon Against Inauguration Protestors

Inauguration day was a hot mess with reverberating consequences that have been ringing in our ears ever since. We’re all familiar with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s growing body of work, but the latest Trump-era lawsuit filed as a direct result of the inauguration comes from the ACLU.

Four individuals allege extreme abuses by Metro P.D. after “guilt by association” arrests on Inauguration Day.  Independent photojournalist Shay Horse, volunteer legal observer Judah Ariel, and peaceful protesters Elizabeth Lagesse and Milo Gonzalez are the named plaintiffs in the case filed in D.C. district court Wednesday morning

D.C. cops responded to Inauguration Day protests with surprising force, sweeping up peaceful protesters and legal watchdogs along with the few violent protesters in the streets that day. They kettled everyone in the crowd – surrounded them with a cordon, controlling movements in and out – pepper sprayed, and conducted mass arrests regardless of individuals’ group affiliation

The D.C. chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union just filed a lawsuit against the city of Washington, D.C., police department, police chief, and unnamed MPD officers.

The four plaintiffs allege they were sexually assaulted by MPD officers following their arrests Inauguration Day.

Horse, Gonzalez, and three others were allegedly ordered to removed their pants before officers grabbed their testicles and then inserted a finger into their anuses while “other officers laughed,” according to the complaint.

Horse compares the experience to rape in the filing.

He told ThinkProgress, “I felt like they were using molestation and rape as punishment. They used those tactics to inflict pain and misery on people who are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. It felt like they were trying to break me and the others — break us so that even if the charges didn’t stick, that night would be our punishment.”

It sounds like something out of the Hunger Games, but the dark revelations about what really happened in the Capital on Inauguration Day just keep on coming. But the use of rape as punishment by the police against innocent-until-proven-guilty protesters elevates “justice” in the Trump era to next-level dystopian.

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Joelle Grande

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