Vice President Pence Finally Got Pulled Into Ongoing Investigation

A top Democratic Senator just sent a demand letter for information about General Flynn that is reeling the Vice President into a major Congressional inquiry.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) sent civil demand letter today (embedded below) to Vice President Mike Pence because he served as the head of Trump’s Transition team when Gen. Flynn was hired. Pence will have to provide documents and answers about what he knew, and when he knew it when he and Donald Trump hired the disgraced former National Security Advisor.

The Senator asked for details about Flynn’s involvement in two gargantuan international nuclear deals, his secret discussions with his Turkish paymasters to create secret propaganda, to kidnap a political enemy of the country’s dictator all of which Special Counsel Mueller is investigating. Blumenthal wrote four letters total, including the following:

“I am deeply troubled by these reports and the possibility that Mr. Flynn was acting as a lobbyist on behalf of foreign nations within the Trump transition and Administration,” Blumenthal wrote to Pence. “It is imperative that we learn the full extent of Mr. Flynn’s hidden lobbying for special interests or foreign interests while on the transition team and in the White House, as well as any undisclosed work he did for the Russian or Turkish governments, so that we may know his legal liability.”

This is what he requested from General Flynn as part of a fusillade of four demand letters in one day by the former Connecticut Attorney General.

Complicating matters for the Vice President is that Pence was warned during the Trump transition of Flynn’s numerous conflicts of interest.

For starters, President Obama bluntly warned Trump that he shouldn’t hire Gen. Flynn.

House Oversight Committee’s Ranking member, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) informed Pence of the Turkish lobbying without registration in a letter sent on November 18th, 2016, just two days before Trump elevated Flynn to National Security Advisor.

That same day last year, the Democratic Coalition filed a complaint against Flynn for failing to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which he did do subsequently, four months after President Trump fired General Flynn.

It’s a federal crime to secretly represent the interests of a foreign government without filing a FARA registration which, in court, is typically considered a spying offense.

“Mike Pence would have to be a straight up idiot to not realize that Flynn was going to register as a foreign agent, or the staff would have to be totally incompetent for him not to be aware of the situation,” said the Democratic Coalition’s co-founder Scott Dworkin on MSNBC’s AM Joy in April. “I guarantee you that there will be a paper trail — an electronic trail — leading back to at least Mike Pence.”

Now that General Flynn’s plethora of political tasks for foreign nations and dubious lobbying for private clients from inside the White House have been exposed, one wonders how much longer Mike Pence’s house of cards and projected image of minimal involvement in Trump’s campaign can last.

Sen. Blumenthal Demand Letter to Pence For Flynn Documents by Grant Stern on Scribd

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