Trump’s Mentor Roger Stone Just Revealed Why Trump’s Days As President Are Numbered

Donald Trump’s longest-serving political advisor has already started working on a non-fiction book about his removal from the office of the Presidency.

Roger Stone began pressuring Donald Trump to run for President all the way back in 1988 and infamously predicted that his authoritarian followers would enact a violent uprising if he’s removed from office.  Now, Stone has publicly admitted the obvious; Donald Trump’s term as President can only end in his removal from office in disgrace.

Roger Stone isn’t even waiting for Mueller’s indictment to arrive in the House Judiciary committee to begin commercializing the fall of Trump just like he has the rise of the American demagogue. The Hill reports:

“It’s painfully obvious Mueller will bring charges. The theory is Mueller will indict him on some process-related matter,” Stone said. “The only people who don’t seem to know it are Ty Cobb, [John] Dowd and the president,” Stone added, referring to the White House lawyer and Trump’s personal lawyer.

“I hope it’s a book I don’t have to publish,” Stone said of his newest project. “I just don’t think Trump is being told the truth about how bad things are.”

Ironically, Roger Stone’s book deal was only revealed when Vanity Fair asked him about Trump’s Cabinet after UN Ambassador Nikki Haley tossed the president under the bus for being a sex predator.

Under the 25th Amendment, the Cabinet can vote to remove a president unfit to serve in office, and in Stone’s shared paranoiac vision with Trump, Haley’s comments are but a symptom of his generally disloyal cabinet.

We’re talking about the same Cabinet who rushed to Washington just to publicly kiss Trump’s ring over the summer. (Though none of them kissed his butt quite like Reince Priebus did.)

At least it is clear why Roger Stone is working so hard to make a quick buck on the downfall of his supposed friend, Donald Trump; he’s on trial for being a diabolical political operative.

Stone is defending himself in a New York Supreme Court jury trial to determine if he is liable up to $20 million dollars in damages for a political “dirty trick” gone terribly wrong.

“Roger Stone is a loser,” says plaintiff Warren Redlich, “who tries to build up his name off the publicity of others.”

Now, Stone is trying to make one last quick buck on the Trump name, while his top meal-ticket gets consumed by a massive criminal investigation into his decades of dirty deeds, impeached by Congress or tossed by his Cabinet.

Hopefully, Roger Stone is correct and President Trump is lawfully removed by his cabinet under the 25th Amendment now for his erratic behavior, before his bellicose badgering of North Korea, enabling of Saudi Arabia, pandering to Putin or ingratiating himself to Israel causes a calamitous regional war.

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