Trump’s Justice Department Just Ordered Arrest Of Immigrant Acquitted In Kate Steinle Murder

It’s no longer news that President Trump has zero respect for the rule of law. He’s surrounded himself with criminals, tried to obstruct justice, and routinely engaged in unconstitutional behavior and rhetoric. Now, he’s taken his disdain for the judiciary branch to a stunning new low.

Yesterday, Mexican immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was acquitted in the murder of Kate Steinle. Trump quickly seized on the verdict in a disgusting effort to push his anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican agenda.

Regardless of whether or not Zarate should have been acquitted, the world doesn’t need Trump’s commentary on the issue. He took to Twitter to weigh in on something that is absolutely none of his business.  The president tweeted:

It goes without saying that the executive branch shouldn’t be deriding the decisions of the judiciary branch. The president is not in charge of deciding the innocence or guilt of the accused, and his tweet accomplishes nothing beyond inciting his base. It now appears that simply whining about the court’s decision wasn’t enough and that he felt compelled to take direct action.

The Justice Department has issued a warrant for the arrest of the newly acquitted man, citing violation of his supervised release reports The Hill. It seems likely that Trump ran to his little lackey Attorney General Jeff Sessions after the verdict came in and directed him to take immediate action.

If that is indeed the case, it would represent a stunning abuse of the Justice Department for petty political purposes. The idea is lent credence by the fact that the entire Trump team seems obsessed with the case. Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox & Friends to rant about it.

On this issue, like so many others, Trump should simply keep his mouth shut.

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