Trump’s Hometown Newspaper Just Roasted Him For Endorsing Accused Sexual Predator With Today’s Brutal Cover

Trump just got the tabloid treatment for taking sides in the upcoming Alabama Senate race. Two New York papers feature Trump on the cover with humiliating headlines slamming him for endorsing alleged pedophile Roy Moore in the special election to replace Jeff Sessions.

The New York Post went with “I’m With The Perv! Trump Backs Roy Moore.” The Daily News featured “I’m With Perv: Trump endorses accused kid molester Moore.”

Trump made his opinion pretty clear in an exchange with reporters right before he left for Mar-a-Lago for Thanksgiving.

Regarding the allegations that Roy Moore dated or molested numerous girls in their teens when he was in his 30s, Trump said, “He totally denies it. He says it didn’t happen. You have to listen to him too.”

This is in the wake of the rise of the #metoo campaign on social media, where survivors of sexual assault are coming out and telling their stories in the wake of high profile scandals surrounding Harvey Weinstein and other powerful men in entertainment and politics.

The official White House position on Roy Moore started to solidify when Kellyanne Conway went on Fox News yesterday and all but endorsed Moore when pressed by hosts on Fox and Friends.

When asked whether voters should choose Moore at the ballot box, Kellyanne didn’t say, “no,” but rather, “I’m telling you we want the votes in the Senate to get this tax bill through.”

Trump is likely feeling the heat himself with all these Roy Moore molestation accusations, since Trump has his own pre-election sex scandal just a year ago.

In a 2005 video, Trump is caught on tape bragging to the then-host of Access Hollywood Billy Bush about sexually assaulting women.

With all these high-profile powerful men going down in flames as a result of revelations of incredibly similar sexual assault accusations, Trump should be worried. He’s just as guilty as the Harvey Weinsteins and the Roy Moores of the world, so it’s no surprise he’d come to their defense.

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Joelle Grande

Joelle Grande is a writer with a background in political science and journalism from Rutgers. She has written for the web, print, and screen. Grande competed in pro-am archery through college. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

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