Trump’s Ghostwriter Just Made A Stunning Prediction About Trump’s Sexual Assault Accusations

President Trump is a serial sexual predator. It’s something many have known for a very long time, and something that everyone has known — even those who pretend not to — since the Access Hollywood tape leaked, in which Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women.

It’s a fact that should grind our democracy to a halt. Congress should refuse to deal with the president in any way, block his agenda, and impeach him. His past crimes should be more important than the legislation he rubberstamps.

Instead, we have a majority Republican Party who choose to turn a blind eye to their leader’s disgusting predation and pretend like everything is normal. They are complicit and are directly responsible for the justice Trump’s victims are denied daily.

It’s especially jarring having a man like Trump in the White House during the #MeToo era. Women are stepping forward to condemn their abusers and finally, people are listening. Powerful men are being humiliated, exiled, and prosecuted all over the country, and yet the president remains cozy in the Oval Office, untouched.

Now, a man who knows Trump well, has stepped forward to make it clear just how terrible a man the president really is. Tony Schwartz, who wrote Trump’s bestselling book The Art of the Deal says “much more will emerge” regarding allegations against Trump of sexual abuse.

Schwartz added that some of the allegations against Donald are even worse than those leveled at now-infamous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who assaulted, harassed, and raped women for decades with impunity. The New York Times ran a new piece on Weinstein today, which Schwartz referenced in a tweet:

Trump has been accused by 16 women of sexual assault, including an alleged rape of a 13-year-old. The latter, horrible incident easily explains why Trump is so willing to endorse Roy Moore, a pedophile and serial child molester, for the U.S. Senate. Hopefully, we find out Trump’s full vile history of predation soon, and use it oust him from an office he doesn’t deserve.

Add your name to millions demanding Congress take action on the President’s crimes. IMPEACH TRUMP & PENCE!

Robert Haffey

Rob Haffey is a graduate of Drexel University and the winner of the ScreenCraft Fellowship.

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