Trump’s Ethics Chief Who Quit Just Demanded Kellyanne Conway’s Resignation

The former White House Ethics Chief just levied a huge judgment on Our Lady of Alternative Facts, Kellyanne Conway in a Twitter screed of epic proportions. Walter Shaub, who resigned from the post in July to become a legal activist, called for Kellyanne to be fired for her egregious violation of the Hatch Act by attacking Alabama Senate candidate Doug Jones and shilling for his pedophiliac opponent Roy Moore on CNN.

But he doesn’t stop at Kellyanne. Shaub takes aim at the Trump appointees whose job it would be to investigate the violation as well.

He goes on to effectively indict the entire administration in an attempt to set all remaining vestiges of ethics on fire.

Shaub doesn’t waste the opportunity to take a shot at Ivanka, either.

That’s a reference to Kellyanne’s shameless plug for “Ivanka’s Stuff” on CNN in February.

Shaub takes down Trump Appointee, Special Counsel Henry Kerner, calling him a “loyal tabby.” Looks like he had hope for the guy, but is disappointed in his failure to act.

Then Shaub just takes aim at the entire Trump Ethics Program – which, yes, sounds like an oxymoron – calling it “garbage.”

He calls out Steven Passantino and Jim Schultz by name, the latter of which recently resigned his post.

So if there was any question about the Trump Administration’s ethics – which at this point seems well beyond rhetorical – Walter Shaub seems to have your answer. The administration has none, and no one to punish them for it.



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Joelle Grande

Joelle Grande is a writer with a background in political science and journalism from Rutgers. She has written for the web, print, and screen. Grande competed in pro-am archery through college. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

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