Trump’s Bannon Just Held A Rally For Roy Moore. Doug Jones’ Response Is Going Viral

Only weeks after multiple women accused Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct when they were minors, Steve Bannon showed up at a campaign rally in Fairhope, Alabama to stump for the accused child molester.

Bannon, Trump’s former Chief Strategist and executive chairman of far-right news outlet Breitbart, took the opportunity to slam Democratic candidate Doug Jones as a “radical” liberal.

Jones took to Twitter to strike back at Bannon in a series of brutal takedowns.

Moore had been removed from the Alabama Supreme Court twice in his career for defying federal law. On multiple occasions, Moore insisted upon placing massive statues of the 10 commandments in the court lobby and, even after a federal judge ordered it removed, Moore insisted that it stay. Later, in 2012, Moore defied federal law regarding same-sex marriage. He decried “homosexual behavior,” denouncing it as “a crime against nature, an inherent evil, and an act so heinous that it defies one’s ability to describe it.”

Bannon, for his part, was unceremoniously fired from his role as Trump’s Chief Strategist.

Per CNN, “The President has privately stewed over Bannon in recent days, including Thursday night from his golf course in New Jersey. He was furious with his chief strategist after he was quoted in an interview with the American Prospect contradicting Trump on North Korea and asserting that Bannon was able to make personnel changes at the State Department.”

Moore’s most recent scandal, however, occurred when The Washington Post published a bombshell report in which four women – a number that has since grown precipitously – stepped forward to accuse Roy Moore, at the time a District Attorney in his 30s, of engaging in sexual behavior while they were between the ages of 14- and 18-years-old. The story was corroborated by over 30 sources.

In his desperation to discredit his numerous accusers of sexual misconduct and pedophilia, Moore recently claimed at a campaign event that his victims are not to be trusted because real victims would never allow their faces to be seen in the news.

“I’ve represented many victims in cases such as this. I have not seen one who wanted her picture posted on national TV, especially in a political advertisement. The truth is, this is not really odd at all. It is simply dirty politics and it’s a sign of the immorality of our time,” Moore said.

To be clear, this is an accused child molester lecturing people about immoral behavior.

Moore is alleging that every single one of his accusers is lying because no true victim of sexual misconduct could possibly want “her picture posted on national TV.” In other words, he has decided that real sexual assault and rape victims are only found in the shadows and as soon as they speak up, their credibility is decimated. How convenient that would be for people like him.

Trump, for his part, in a move as shameful as it is unsurprising, endorsed the Republican Senate hopeful.

While it isn’t surprising that a Trump apologist would stump for an accused child molester, it is a sad commentary on today’s Republican Party that they are represented by morally bankrupt sexual deviants.

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