Trump Wants Government Shutdown. A Top Republican Senator’s Response Is Perfect

Politics at times is a delicate dance, especially for the second highest ranking Republican in the U.S. Senate when he disagrees with statements by President Trump. Still, his coded message was clear.

Senator John Cornyn (R-Tx) didn’t directly disagree with Trump’s statement that a “good shutdown” in September (when the current extension ends) would do the government well, but he didn’t mince words on his view either.

Speaking on the Senate floor, the Senate Majority Whip had a practical message for Trump on what they were elected to do – and it isn’t to let the entire government grind to a halt.

“Our voters,” said Cornyn, “the people who elected Republican majorities in both Houses and elected this president, did not vote for using order to shut down the government. They voted for us to govern, as hard as it is.”

A shutdown, added Cornyn, is “basically an abdication of responsibility, particularly if you’re in the majority.”

Corwyn was asked if he thought Trump’s rhetoric about a “good shutdown” after he failed to get all he wanted in the spending bill passed by Congress is “kneecapping” Republican accomplishments in Congress, according to Politico. 

“Cornyn demurred,” reports Politico, “telling reporters ‘it’s a free country. He’s entitled to express his views, as are we.'”

It is not likely that Trump would agree with that. Trump in recent weeks has complained that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution needs to be changed, renewed his call to suppress Freedom of the Press, and has made it clear he considers those who don’t agree with him, especially within his own Republican party, as disloyal.

What Cornyn understands that Trump still can’t grasp is that the nature of politics is that all sides get to have a say, and as with the spending bill, each side wins some points.

Cornyn said he doesn’t like or agree with everything in the spending bill, “but a piece of legislation is inherently a compromise.”

That is a lesson Trump still needs to learn, but probably won’t.




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