Trump Just Unveiled A Disturbing Proposal To Deal With CNN And Anti-Trump News Outlets

Our reality-television President Trump took to Twitter this morning to once again complain about the “fake news” media – but had a surprising proposal for the networks.

Since taking office, it has become very clear that Donald Trump’s obsession with television is more than just a fondness for watching it – it’s affected the way he thinks. He’s treated major political appointments and decisions like they were cliffhangers on a reality show and quite obviously believes that everything he sees on television – especially on FOX & Friends – is real and true.

So it’s only inevitable that we’ve come to this point:

Of course, he specifically singles out FOX as the “good” network and CNN as the “bad” network, because FOX has devoted six hours of coverage every morning solely to providing positive coverage about Trump while CNN has seized the initiative to profit off the President’s animus and boost their own ratings with heavy anti-Trump coverage.

The more concerning question is what is he even trying to accomplish with this tweet? Is it just a fresh variation on his daily complaints about the “fake news” media and a way to brag about himself?

After spending the past five days golfing, one might think that he has some work on his plate to tackle on a Monday morning- but somehow, our nation’s laziest and stupidest president still finds time to dodge his responsibilities as he obsesses over the imaginary world of cable television.

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