Trump Just Retaliated Against Mitt Romney And Made Him Pay For His Criticisms

Failed Republican presidential candidate and millionaire Mitt Romney has emerged as a rallying figure for the so-called #NeverTrump Republicans, those virtue-signaling cowards who agree with Trump’s racism, misogyny, and class warfare in principle but just wish the President would be more presidential about it.

Romney famously insisted that the president “apologize” for his both-sides comments about the hate-rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that turned deadly earlier this year when a white supremacist murdered activist Heather Heyer with his vehicle.

Floated as a possible replacement for Trump at last year’s Republican National Convention, Romney has now set his sights on the Utah Senate seat currently occupied by Orrin Hatch, who is set to retire and spend the rest of his days enjoying the tax cut he just passed for himself and the rest of his plutocrat buddies.

But it appears that Donald Trump, who is never one to let any slight go unchallenged, no matter how petty, is intent on derailing the former Governor of Massachusetts’ political ambitions.

The President is visiting the state of Utah this week to announce his decision to shrink the Bears Ears’ national park by nearly 85% so that mining corporations can pillage the natural wonders of the area. But there’s more to it than that, notes POLITICO:

…it’s also undeniably political: To use the trappings of presidential power to get a veteran lawmaker to rethink his long anticipated plans to leave the Senate.

Trump is slated to ride with Hatch both ways on Air Force One — a total of roughly nine hours round-trip. After descending from the plane together, the two will meet with Mormon leaders and then head to the state capitol for the signing of the executive order, according to three White House officials. Hatch will introduce Trump, who in turn is expected to lavish praise on the senator. After the order is signed, Hatch is expected to receive the president’s pen.

Yet people close to Romney are convinced that Trump’s main motivation is to keep the 2012 GOP presidential nominee out of the Senate. Romney himself has expressed frustration with the ongoing uncertainty about Hatch’s plans, said three Republicans who’ve spoken with him recently. The former Massachusetts governor has pointed out that it was Hatch who urged him to consider running in the first place, but now appears to be wavering on whether to step aside.

Trump is very fond of Hatch, who stood by him after the Access Hollywood tape in which Trump admits to casual sexual assault even as other Republicans withdrew their support.

While having the more moderate Romney in the Senate would certainly be a slight upgrade on Hatch, no Democrat should be welcoming him – or any Republican – simply because they stand up to Trump every once in a while.

The passage of the tax bill last week proves that when push comes to shove, a Republican will abandon their principles and vote for their wealthy backers every single time.

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