Trump Just Blew His Top In Twitter Rant About NBC’s “Trump’s A Moron” Rex Tillerson Report

Earlier today, NBC broke the story that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had to be talked out of resigning last July after President Donald Trump’s horrendous Boy Scouts Jamboree speech and called him a “f*cking moron.”

Naturally, the President took to Twitter to give his own carefully worded and thought-provoking opinion on the matter:

The knee-jerk reaction of Trump is sadly to be expected at this point in his presidency. His only reaction to any unexpected challenge, threat, or slight is to lash out like a wounded animal, too intent on preserving his image and soothing his hypersensitive ego .

On top of that, he’s so incapable of recognizing nuance to realize that if there is anything that proves the story is true, it’s his embarking on a three-tweet storm attack and publicly forcing his Secretary of State to swear fealty in front of the cameras.

Let’s hope his fury over this incident won’t cloud his mind when he goes to visit the victims of the Las Vegas massacre, who deserve better than to be used as props for the President’s petty feuds.


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