Trump Just Attacked Black Teenagers On Twitter For Not Thanking Him For Doing His Job

President Donald Trump just took to Twitter and demanded that black teenagers thank him for getting them out of an international jam, once again showing the callous disrespect towards people of color that has come to define his administration.

UCLA basketball players LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill made the unfortunate decision to try to shoplift designer sunglasses while on a sports visit to China – and were arrested and held by the Chinese government for their crimes.

Trump’s State Department met with their Chinese counterparts as Trump visited the Asian nation and their release was brokered.

Rather than simply being satisfied with their freedom, however, Trump took to Twitter to demand that they “thank” him for something which he likely had nothing to do with.

It is absolutely stunning to see President Trump be so desperate for any kind of appreciation or acknowledgment for doing the most basic duty expected of him – taking care of our citizens abroad – that he is publicly chastising teenagers for not thanking him quick enough.

Incidentally, the NCAA has already issued a statement thanking the President for his “actions.”

The symbolism of demanding that black players thank him for releasing them will not be lost on most reasonable Americans. His morning tweet marks a new low in both his disdain for people of color and for his overwhelming insecurities.

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