A Top Tea Party Republican Was Just Busted For Huge Sexual Harassment Settlement

A leading Tea Party Republican just got outed for sexually harassing his own Communications Director and making taxpayers fork over a confidential settlement to buy her silence.

Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) was slapped with a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit in 2014, leading to an $84,000 settlement.

He’s the second House GOP lawmaker from Texas to land in serious trouble just this week, after Rep. Joe Barton – the longest-serving Lone Star state Congressman – just announced that he won’t run for Congress again after it was revealed he sent unsolicited sexts.

Politico outed the Tea Partier Farenthold’s heavy drinking, extreme personal problems and workplace retaliation against staffer Lauren Green for refusing his sexual advances, which ultimately led her to file a federal lawsuit. They wrote:

Greene claimed in the lawsuit that another Farenthold aide told her the lawmaker had “sexual fantasies” and “wet dreams” about Greene. She also claimed that Farenthold “regularly drank to excess” and told her in February 2014 that he was “estranged from his wife and had not had sex with her in years.”

When she complained about comments Farenthold and a male staffer made to her, Greene said the congressman improperly fired her. She filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia, but the case was later dropped after both parties reached a private settlement.

The House Ethics committee – which Republicans voted to quietly eliminate earlier this year, and failed – still has an open investigation into Rep. Farenthold.

According to NBC News, this is the sole sexual harassment complaint settled by Congress since 2012:

Rep. Gregg Harper, R-Miss., who is the top Republican on the House Administration Committee, told House Republicans Friday morning in a closed-door meeting that the Office of Compliance had made just one settlement for sexual harassment complaints, in the amount of $84,000 since 2012.

After the case was settled, the House Ethics Committee opened an investigation into the matter. That case is still open, according to an annual report by the committee.

Rep. Farenthold is a backbencher best known to his constituents for passing only a single bill in his first four years in office, all of which when Republicans held the House majority, and a terrible photo of him in rubber ducky pajamas.

The only thing that Blake Farenthold has gained notoriety for doing, was challenging a female member of his own party in the Senate to a “duel” because she didn’t want to destroy Obamacare. The House Republican’s squishy soft appearance didn’t exactly prove daunting for members of the Senate, who were later caught on a hot mic responding to his juvenile threats. (video below)

Now, the do-nothing Tea Party politician’s outrageous behavior has finally been revealed as more than just one ridiculous photo, but a twisted way of life.

How long will this Republican “Party of Family Values” politician stay in elected office now that we know he was harassing his female staffers because his own wife couldn’t stand his drinking and crude behavior?

Here is the video of bipartisan Senators laughing about Tea Party Republican Rep. Farenthold’s empty threats:

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Grant Stern

Editor at Large

Grant Stern is a mortgage broker, activist, columnist, and radio broadcaster in Miami, Florida and Editor at Large of Occupy Democrats.

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