A Top Hawaiian Newspaper Just ‘Welcomed’ Trump With A Scathing Headline

Donald Trump’s first trip to Asia as President began with a quick stop in Hawaii, and America’s 50th state was waiting for him – just not in the way he was expecting.

Hawaii, of course, is the birthplace and childhood home of President Barack Obama.  Following Obama’s historic election in 2008, citizen Donald Trump proudly and very publicly carried the flag for the Birthers, conspiracy theorist who were determined to prove he was born in Kenya, or at least not born in Hawaii.  Trump even challenged the authenticity of Hawaiian birth records and the integrity of Hawaiian officials who certified his long form birth certificate, ending the conspiracy in its tracks.

Hawaii has not forgotten.  In the days leading up to his expected arrival, a digitally modified version of a popular post card began making the rounds on social media.  With world famous Waikiki Beach in the background, a sign touts the state’s court victories over Trump’s three failed travel bans targeting Muslims.

With the “3-0” score board and the “Wish you WEREN’T here” tagline, it’s quite clear how Hawaii’s residents feel about their new commander in chief.

But if that wasn’t a loud enough signal, the West Hawaii Today newspaper published a story on the post card and the sentiment behind it.  In a broad, above the fold, end to end headline, the paper repeated the tagline, ‘Wish you weren’t here.’

President Trump is a proud non-reader, and has often bragged that he’s too busy to read books.  But even he won’t be able to ignore this story.

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