Senate Intel Leader Just Revealed The Odds Of Trump Not Finishing His Term

If you’re a betting man, you might want to have a listen to Senator Mark Warner.

The Virginia Democrat is the Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, giving him a front row seat to one of the investigations into President Trump’s ties to Russia and any collusion and cooperation his campaign may have had with the Kremlin during the 2016 election.

If anyone has an informed opinion about President Trump’s chances of surviving to run for reelection in 2020, it’s him.

According to an explosive report in the New Yorker, entitled “How Trump Could Get Fired,”  Sen Warner made that opinion known recently, and if he’s right, things won’t end well for the President:

Senator Mark Warner privately told friends that he puts the odds at ‘two to one’ against Trump completing a full term.

Asked to confirm or clarify his remarks, a spokesman for Sen. Warner didn’t deny he made that claim, but he did qualify the the sentiment somewhat:

“…the Senator was not referring specifically to the Russia investigation, but rather the totality of challenges the President is currently facing.”

President Trump isn’t only facing investigations into his ties to Russia.  There are numerous ethics questions surrounding his children working for him and their business ties.

There are also questions surrounding his continued receipt of gifts from foreigners.  As we speak, foreigners are putting money into his pocket in the form of fees for services or real estate transactions at Trump Hotels or other Trump branded properties.  Most ethics experts agree that these fees and transactions are prohibited by the emoluments clause in the Constitution.

Any one of these alleged transgressions could land the President in hot water politically.

There’s also the chance Trump may just get tired of being President and decide it’s time to go back to his old life – a life he recently said he misses.

Either way, Senator Warner may be one to something.


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