Rush Limbaugh Just Came Up With The Most Laughable Defense Of Predator Roy Moore

In a desperate attempt to salvage the shredded reputation of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, his conservative Republican supporters are digging deep for ways to excuse his past history as a pervert who preyed on underage girls.

Conservative radio pundit Rush Limbaugh pulled out all the stops to come up with his justification for Moore’s alleged misdeeds.

As the fight expands from helping Moore win a Senate seat on December 12 to getting Moore seated in the Senate, where a number of Republicans have vowed he will never serve in the Senate, Limbaugh is ready to lead the fight for his friend and fellow right wing, extremist conservative.

Limbaugh says when Moore did those inappropriate sexual things with girls as young as 14, he was still a Democrat. Later he became a Republican and since then, if Limbaugh is to be taken seriously, he has been a married man who has put her pervy days behind him.

“Did you know that before 1992,” Limbaugh said on his syndicated radio show, “when a lot of this was going on, Judge Moore was a Democrat? You didn’t know that?”

“Nobody said a word,” continued Limbaugh. “When he supposedly was attracted to inappropriately-aged girls, he was a Democrat.”

Limbaugh isn’t saying that a 32-year-old man hitting on a 14-year-old girl is wrong, just that he did it when he was a Democrat, as if he had a disease but is now cured.

Limbaugh is pretty good at ignoring Moore’s many failings.

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Limbaugh doesn’t mention other distasteful things about Moore that offend others, but apparently not him. Those include his virulent attacks on homosexuality, his being removed as Chief Judge of the state’s highest court TWICE for breaking the law and defying federal judges, his false birther claims against President Obama, and his claim that the attacks on 9/11 were a punishment from God.

One constant of Moore’s life and career – pre and post his conversion to Republicanism in 1992 – is his deeply held belief in God, which by itself is understandable.

Where it gets weird is when Moore insists that what his religion and “his’ God say trump local, state and federal civil laws (the attitude that got him in trouble with federal judges when he was a state judge).

Moore, reported Politico, “has been motivated for his whole career by primarily one belief: that his evangelical interpretation of Christianity should govern society.”

Political adds that “at campaign stops and other appearance God and the Bible alone are the moral foundation for law and government in America.”

Moore is a born again, evangelical member of the Baptist sect of Christianity, which often pushes for the homeschooling of children so they aren’t tainted by civil society, and encourage young women – as young as 14 – to marry older men who will shape them into the wife, mother, helpmates that the church wants them to be.

None of that liberated women, women have brains too, women have rights, women deserve to be equal under the law for this group, or for Moore.

So it is not a surprise when he was single, he followed the church’s mandate to get them young before they have time to learn to think on their own. His only mistake was not getting permission from the girl’s father – which the Baptists say is required – although he insists he did get permission from the girl’s mothers.

It is unclear whose permission Moore had to date and have sex, or attempt to have sex before marriage, with the five women who have come forward so far, saying they were his victims while still under the age of legal consent, which is 18.

What Limbaugh doesn’t seem to accept is that Moore pre-1992 and Moore post-1992 may have carried a different political label, but his religious beliefs were the same now and then, and he was the same self-serving creep.

Moore has never really admitted he went after underage girls and certainly has not apologized, because his beliefs, his values, and his religious affiliation have not changed.

So despite the Rush to judgment, anyone who thinks what Moore did was abhorrent – whether Republican, Democrat or an independent – is right to consider him unfit for office now, or in the future.




Add your name to millions demanding Congress take action on the President’s crimes. IMPEACH TRUMP & PENCE!

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