Roy Moore Just Said “It’s Not Over,” And FOX News Responded In Hilarious Fashion [WATCH]

Roy Moore is facing heavy criticism tonight for refusing to concede the election that everyone has called for his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones.  Even FOX News, among the first to call the election for Jones, is hitting Moore for the tactless move, and doing so with the gloves off.

“Realize that when the vote is this close, it is not over,” Moore said at what was supposed to be his concession speech. “We still have got to go by the rules about this recount provision.”

Moore then recalled a Bible verse, Psalm 40, telling his gathered supporters, “I waited patiently on the Lord, and that’s what we have to do,” before recited the entire verse.

“Thank you for coming yet,” he concluded.  “It’s not over and it’s going to take some time.”

Senior FOX News political anchor Bret Baier was having none of it.  He was following Moore’s speech live from a remote location, when in-studio host Shannon Bream repeated the biblical rant  before asking Baier to comment.

“There are other Bible versus,’ Baier quipped bluntly, “and they say, ‘It’s over.’”

Moore’s comments seem to suggest he’s hoping that the Alabama law requiring an automatic recount will be triggered.  But that would require the final margin of victory for Jones to fall under .5%, and Bret Baier shot down that scenario immediately.

“I think the numbers that we’re looking at, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get to that half-percent. Eventually, I think you’re going to see form the Moore campaign, a concession.”

You can watch Brett Baier’s epic takedown of Moore below.

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