Republicans Used This Source To Discredit Roy Moore’s Accusers But There’s A Problem

One of the most devastating charges against the credibility of The Washington Post after it broke the story of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore dating a 14-year-old girl came from a Twitter user who says he is Doug Lewis, using the account @Umpire 43.

His claim that The Washington Post paid the accuser a thousand dollars to talk about Moore – without any real proof , and despite adamant denials from the highly respected newspaper – and that he had been in touch with an Alabama District Attorney, the Secret Service, and others, has been picked up numerous times by the Republican candidate’s supporters as well as Republican and right-wing media, bloggers and even media alt-right broadcasters like Alex Jones of InfoWars.

As much as Moore’s defenders want this to be true, there is a problem. There is now quite a bit of evidence Lewis doesn’t actually exist, reports BuzzFeed, @Umpire43 may be a Russian or Ukranian bot.

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The syntax error is particularly interesting. In his tweet, @Umpire43 puts the dollar sign to the right of the figure 1,000, not to the left as any American would do. Putting it on the right is how a symbol for the currency would be done in Russia and some other countries. 

As quickly as he entered the spotlight, @Umpire43 has exited, which is also suspicious.

Today, dozens of @Umpire43’s earlier Tweets were erased, and despite efforts by various news organizations, there is no proof Doug Lewis actually exists and is an American. 

BuzzFeed news has been on the case but is unable to verify Lewis/Umpire43’s identity.

“The person has not posted any links to a personal social media profile,” reports BuzzFeed, “has no personal photo, and has not responded to a request for information.”

“A man named Doug Lewis,” adds the BuzzFeed report today, “who lives in the Florida city listed on the user’s profile told BuzzFeed he doesn’t have a Twitter account.”

The Umpire43 account has been used before to post fake news, including a report that there is proof President Obama’s birth certificate is a fake, and in response to a tweet by TV talk show host Chelsea Handler days ago claimed the Texas church shooter was a member of Antifa, and that Antifa is sponsored by Democrats, all of which has been repeatedly proven false.

Then there is his personal information. @Umpire43 claims to be a 22-year Navy veteran who has earned multiple medals for his service, but the number of medals changes from tweet to tweet, and even then makes no sense. 

Another person checked the records for this Navy vet with all the medals and there is no indication he ever existed there either.

Then there are issues about his age if he really exists.

Moore’s wife Kayla, according to BuzzFeed, claiming she and others were “gathering evidence of money being paid to people who would come forward” as they prepared to file a lawsuit. Moore made the same claim in an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox last Friday.

“Neither he nor his wife has provided evidence,” reports BuzzFeed, noting that Kayla Moore did not respond to their request for a comment.

A request to Moore’s campaign from BuzzFeed was opened but there was no response.

As the number of accusers and the pile of evidence against Moore mounts, his credibilitiy continues to fall, and the only ones still supporting him are his friends, desperate Republicans and shills from his church who are protecting not only him but their own secrets about the tradition among male members of the congregation to seek out teenage girls as wives, so they can be shaped into their vision of a helpmate.

If Moore has proof that he didn’t go after those young girls, or that he was not actually banned from a mall for bothering young girls, or that the Washington Post lied when it said it did not pay for the story that it published, time is running out for him to provide proof of his innocence.

Until then, all signs are that he is guilty as hell, and scrambling to cover his dirty nasty path to this point by pretending to be pious and innocent, when in fact he is a hypocritical lying politician who is an embarrassment to his state and to his party. 

What we all really need is to see and hear a lot less about Moore.

Add your name to millions demanding Congress take action on the President’s crimes. IMPEACH TRUMP & PENCE!

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