Republican Senator Jeff Flake Just Sent Trump & Roy Moore A Giant “Screw You” On Twitter

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) made headlines in recent weeks for going after President Trump and saying that he wouldn’t run for election because he couldn’t bring himself to do what it takes to win as a Republican in the current toxic atmosphere. He refused to be “complicit” in the reality television’s star’s degradation of our Republic. In turn, Trump repeatedly attacked him on Twitter.

Flake was praised for calling out our incompetent president, but his rhetoric doesn’t quite match his actions.

The Arizona Senator went from slamming Trump to voting like a good little soldier for the president’s horribly self-destructive tax bill, which gives massive handouts to the superwealthy and saddles the middle class with tax hikes they can’t afford.

It was written by lobbyists and rammed through by obedient Republicans. It’s naked corporatism and Flake, if he really cared about the fate of this country, would have voted against it.

Today, the Senator flaked on his criticism again and appeared next to President Trump at a photo op, giving tacit, if not explicit support of the president as the orange buffoon rambled on and on, spinning lie after lie.

“There’s a great spirit in the Republican Party like I’ve never seen before, like a lot of people have said they’ve never seen before,” Trump said as Flake sat beside him, reports The Washington Post. The comment appeared to be a coded refutation of Flake’s previous comments that seemed to indicate the GOP is splintering and disunified.

Trump then went on to praise Alabaman child molester Roy Moore, repeating his endorsement of the Republican Senate candidate, a man who Flake has publicly rejected. It was a blatant power move on the part of the president, engineered to humiliate Flake. Just yesterday, Flake tweeted out his support of Mitt Romney’s rejection of Moore:

Flake failed to speak up during the press conference, perhaps cowed by Trump’s bully persona. However, almost as soon as the photo op was over, Flake ran to Twitter to blast out a photograph of a check, addressed to Doug Jones.

Jones is Roy Moore’s Democratic opponent. On the memo line, Flake wrote “country over party” a clear indication that he thinks it’s better to have a Democrat in the Senate who he disagrees with than a Republican sexual predator.

Good on Flake for contributing to Doug Jones. Every patriotic American who has a little extra money to share should follow his lead. We as a nation cannot allow a man who sexually assaults and attempts to rape teenage girls to wield power in the Senate. Flake is wishy-washy on Trump, but this action here is beyond reproach.

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Robert Haffey

Rob Haffey is a graduate of Drexel University and the winner of the ScreenCraft Fellowship.

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