A Pro-Trump Magazine Just Printed A Disgusting Fake Story About Malia Obama

A right-wing affiliated magazine owned by a rapidly pro-Trump magnate has taken the conservative pathological hatred of all things related to President Obama to a new low by taking aim at his daughter Malia and smearing her on the cover.

Shareblue Media reported that a recent issue of Globe magazine falsely claimed that Malia Obama is being questioned in an FBI probe and that it’s “Barack & Michelle’s worst nightmare.” In reality, Malia has not been questioned by the FBI, and there is no indication she will be.

The headline is intentionally misleading, and all the story contains is an unsupported claim that FBI agents want to question Malia in regards to her time as an intern at the Weinstein Company as part of a larger investigation into Harvey Weinstein’s widely publicized sexual misconduct.

The Globe is run by America Media, the company of David J. Pecker, an enthusiastic supporter of the president and a willing attack dog for Trump when it comes to exploiting his publications, included the hysterical rag The National Enquirer.

The Globe splashed a photo of Malia across their recent cover:

The fake headline is a clear indication that conservative media is getting desperate. Trump finds himself embroiled in increasing controversies and his legislative agenda has completely stalled out. At the same time, legitimate networks are covering the unfolding Roy Moore underage sex scandal. In other words, Republicans have very few victories to champion and a whole lot of terrible publicity to worry about.

To avoid having to cover the implosion of the GOP, propaganda outfits like the Globe will resort to vile fake stories like this one. No thinking person would take such publications seriously.

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