A Polling Agency Just Held Trump’s “Fake News Contest.” The Results Will Infuriate Him

President Trump came back from his recent trip to Asia complaining that he was forced to watch CNN International because it was the only American English-language news channel available where he was staying.

The next morning he tweeted that CNN International is a “major source of (fake) news.”

Then three days ago he said there should be a poll to see which of the networks Americans think is the most fake of the fake news outlets, but he said Fox should not be included. 

Rasmussen Reports, which is a conservative-leaning pollster, took up Trump’s challenge but did include Fox News when it did a phone survey of 1,000 likely voters.

The results came out and today who won the “Fake news trophy” he promised the winner”

Fox News, of course. 

The poll found 40 percent of those who responded thought Fox News was the most deserving of the Fake News Trophy. 

However, a majority of the public does agree with Trump that “fake news” is a problem. The poll found that 65 percent of likely voters consider fake news a big problem. 

Beyond that, there was a big variance in which news organizations are the worst in putting out fake news, based on their political party of choice.

In breaking down the results, 53 percent of Democrats and 42 percent of unaffiliated voters chose Fox News as the winner, while only 24 percent of Republicans named Fox as the worst.

Overall, CNN came in second place with 25 percent saying it is the worst about fake news, while MSNBC got 9 percent, CBS got 3 percent and NBC, which has gotten a lot of scorn from Trump lately, was the pick of only 2 percent as the worst about fake news.

Among Republicans, 40 percent named CNN as the worst, compared to the 24 percent for Fox. 

Only 13 percent of Democrats and 24 percent of the unaffiliated named CNN as the worst. 

Republicans and unaffiliated voters were far more critical of MSNBC than Democrats.

The poll also asked about the overall coverage. It found that 51 percent of likely voters think the current media coverage of American politics and events is worse than it was in the past. Only 19 percent said the coverage is better, while 27 percent said it was about the same as in the past.

The poll found that voters believe America is a more divided place, with Trump supporters agreeing with the president that the fake news media is to blame.

Non-Republican respondents were just as adamant that the media is not to blame.

The key Democratic constituencies – African Americans, women, those under 40 – did not see fake news as a big problem compared to men, whites and older voters, who see it as a very big problem. 

Overall, 61 percent of Republicans consider fake news a very big problem, while only 26 percent of Democrats and 41 percent of unaffiliated voters agree.

Among voters who strongly approve of the job Trump is doing, 85 percent believe that fake news is a very big problem, and 53 percent would award the first Fake News Trophy to CNN. Another 22 percent would give it to MSNBC.

Only 21 percent of those who strongly disapprove of Trump’s performance think fakes news is a very big problem, while 67 percent of that groups give Fox News the Fake News Trophy.

Most of the voters think Trump is to blame for his bad relations with the media but they also say there isn’t anything he can do about it. 

Among all voters, 48 percent said it is not possible for the president to ever do anything the media will approve of.

Trump has shown that his definition of credible news is news that agrees with him, while fake news is news that criticizes him.

During the 2016 campaign, pointed out the Washington Post on October 23,  Trump even criticized Fox News when he said the network should be “ashamed” of the moderators at a debate it had hosted who he called “not very good or professional.”

He even refused to appear on Fox for a brief period “because it has been treating me very unfairly.”

Now, of course, Fox is the only thing he watches and virtually the only network he has given a one on one interview in many months.

“As far as Trump is concerned,” reported The Washington Post, “negative equals fake, and positive equals real. It’s as simple as that. He has explicitly said that “any negative polls are fake news.”

So with Fox News on top of the Rasmussen poll, it is likely he will find that to be fake news as well, which probably means he will not be awarding his Fake News Trophy to Fox anytime soon.

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