The Police Report of Sarah Palin’s Son’s Arrest Just Surfaced, And It’s A Doozy!

Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s son Track was arrested on felony assault and burglary charges on Saturday night after he broke into the family home in Wasilla, Alaska and assaulted his father, according to the Alaska Daily News.

This is the second time in less than two years that Track Palin has been arrested on domestic violence charges against his family. He was also charged with punching a woman in the face (he is still on probation for that 2016 incident).

Sarah Palin, who served as Governor of Alaska, was at home at the time. She called the police, then fled with her husband (in two separate trucks) just as authorities arrived. Track,  a 28-year-old Iraq war veteran, was armed at the time and considered dangerous. 

Track Palin later told officers that he had “a few beers” and his  53-year-old mother had told police when she called that her son was “freaking out” and was on some kind of medication.

The incident started when Track called his parents home and told his father he was coming over to pick up a truck he wanted. Todd Palin told his son to stay away because he had been drinking and was taking pain medication.

“Track told him he was (coming) any way to beat his ass,” Wasilla officer Adam LaPointe wrote in a sworn affidavit filed with the court, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

Todd Palin told the police to “protect his family” he got his gun and waved it through a window at his son when he came to the door, instructing him to stay away.

Instead, Track broke the window and climbed into the house, then threw his father to the ground and began hitting him on the head.

His father finally managed to escape bleeding from cuts on his face and head, with “liquid coming out of his ear,” according to the police account.

As police arrived, they saw two trucks speeding away, the first driven by Todd and the second by Sarah Palin, who police said was “visibly upset.”

Track, who was still inside the house, could be heard yelling. Police told him to come out and he came to the partially open front door, then onto a porch calling the police officers “peasants” and telling them to put their weapons on the ground before he would allow them to approach the house.

Track retreated back into the house and was next seem coming out of an upstairs window and climbing onto the garage roof.

“He moved around in a strange manner,” reported the police, “and assumed a prone position just behind the roof line in what appeared to be an attempt to locate officers on the property.”

Track went back into the house and after about 15 minutes was coaxed outside, where police put him in handcuffs and took him into custody.

Track was charged with felony domestic violence and first-degree burglary, as well as misdemeanor criminal mischief and fourth-degree assault charges. 

As of this morning, Track was still in custody at the Mat-Su Pretrial Facility, after a judge over the weekend had set his bail at $5,000, and required he be released to a third-party custodian.

In the 2016 incident, Track Palin went before a special court for veterans and pleaded guilty to weapons charges. He was sentenced to a treatment program for substance abuse issues.

At the time of the 2016 incident, Sarah Palin said that her son had come home from Iraq with issues that seemed to describe PTSD which she blamed on those at the top, suggesting it was President Obama’s fault her son was damaged in the military because of his lack of respect for those who have served.

That assertion was widely disputed by experts.

Sarah and Todd Palin have four other children – Bristol, 27; Willow, 23; Piper, 16; and Trig, 9.

Sarah Palin is a very conservative and ran for office on a pro-family, pro-religion, pro-gun, pro-life (anti-abortion) platform, but has had a hard time raising her family with the values she has proclaimed.

If there is good news it is that America dodged a bullet when she was not elected vice president, and Alaska had reason to cheer when she resigned as governor before her term was up.





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