NRA Just Revealed How Long They Think It Will Take For America To Forget Vegas Shooting

The tragic shooting in Las Vegas last night, in which at least 58 people were murdered and at least 400 wounded by a man firing down into a concert crowd with an automatic weapon has once again brought the gun control debate lurching to life. Every time one of these horrible mass shootings occurs Democrats try to implement legislation to prevent repeat incidents, and every time the Republicans say it’s “not the time for politics.”

The GOP has a vested interest in avoiding discussions of gun laws and enforcing the status quo because so many Republican members of Congress are heavily indebted to the National Rifle Association and its deep pockets. HuffPost reports that the NRA donated $50.2 million to Republicans during the 2016 election alone, marking their largest election expenditure to date.

Now, in light of last night’s shooting, the NRA is trying to lay low, while steering the public narrative away from gun regulation. The powerful advocacy group regularly pays to run pro-gun advertisements. One such ad buy was scheduled to run tomorrow but has been postponed for eight days.

That is to say, the NRA is banking on the public’s attention span being so short that they assume in a little more than a week everyone will have forgotten about the most deadly mass shooting American history enough that pro-gun ads will no longer seem insensitive and tone deaf.

It’s crucial that Americans not only keep their attention on gun legislation but also recognize the role that the NRA plays in perpetuating this violence. The NRA has demonstrated a profound lack of concern when it comes to the senseless loss of innocent lives. No amount of mass shootings will convince them to take a step back and allow sensible firearm regulation to pass. In fact,

In fact, the NRA is currently working to relax current standards so that gun suppressors are more easily obtainable, a frightening prospect that will allow shooters to inflict even more damage and make it more difficult for victims and law enforcement to react in the moment. Hillary Clinton said it best when she took to Twitter today.

Secretary Clinton is absolutely correct. We must stand up to the NRA and we must do it now. Lives are at stake.

Add your name to millions demanding Congress take action on the President’s crimes. IMPEACH TRUMP & PENCE!

Robert Haffey

Rob Haffey is a graduate of Drexel University and the winner of the ScreenCraft Fellowship.

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