A Newspaper Editor Just Revealed The Terrifying Reason Why He Can’t Endorse Roy Moore’s Opponent

Earlier today, the president officially and unequivocally endorsed pedophile and Republican candidate for Senate in Alabama, Roy Moore. While it’s clearly a disgusting act of partisan hackery and cowardice, it’s hardly surprising given that Trump himself has been previously accused of raping a 13-year-old girl.

A sitting Republican president endorsing a serial child molester for Senate represents the nadir of the putrefaction of the GOP. It’s now the party of predators and traitors, and yet somehow the Republican base still thinks it has claim to the moral high ground. They refuse to accept that their leaders are the kind of vile creatures who prey on children and instead insist that the men are innocent, despite numerous credible accusers and sources confirming the allegations.

Now, the editor of an Alabama newspaper has revealed just how unhinged and dangerous many Trump and Moore supporters have become. Troy Turner, an editor of eastern Alabama newspaper The Opelika-Auburn News told The Washington Post that his office would get shot up if endorsed the Democratic candidate Doug Jones.

“I would have bullet holes in my windows,” Turner said. He added that some members of his eleven person newsroom aren’t even convinced that Moore is guilty of the allegations leveled against him, further complicating matters.

Last month, Turner dipped his toes into the water by penning an editorial calling for Roy Moore to suspend his campaign and step down. It stopped short of endorsing Doug Jones, presumably because of the aforementioned fear of violent reprisal.

Many Alabama voters seem to be trying to convince themselves that Roy Moore is innocent because they can’t bring themselves to accept Doug Jones and his pro-choice stance. So committed are they to opposing abortion that they’re willing to vote for a child molester. Apparently, they only care about a human being while it’s in the womb. As soon as it’s born, it becomes fair game for vampiric perverts like Moore.

Turner succinctly described the problem of running a small paper in a deeply conservative region. He and his newsroom have to regularly interact with their readers, meaning whatever they print can affect their ability to survive in the local community. It’s a difficult conflict and one that Turner seems to be doing his best to navigate.

“At the big papers, they don’t go into the coffee shops and churches with their readers like we do. We have to be strategic crusaders,” Turner told the Post.

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Robert Haffey

Rob Haffey is a graduate of Drexel University and the winner of the ScreenCraft Fellowship.

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