Mitch McConnell’s Response To The Mueller Indictments Speaks Volumes

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky)  held a press conference today to discuss “Standing Up For Religious Liberty.”

However, when it came time for McConnell to answer questions, he left the room inside the Capitol instead.

That isn’t a big surprise for the temperamental McConnell, who knew if he opened it up to reporter’s questions, he would not be asked about his favorite subject, the repression of Christianity.

Today was the day the first indictments were handed down by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and the Kentucky Senator know that was what he would be asked about. So he did what he does so well. He just ignored the obvious, and abruptly left.

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McConnell has at times been Trump’s human punching bag but he has remained consistent in his support for the administration.

So, McConnell left it to Trump and his press secretary to deny, deny, deny for him.

He may be one of the top leaders in Congress, but when it comes to being open to answering key questions for the press, McConnell happily falls to the bottom rung of American politics.

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