The Look On Rand Paul’s Face As Trump Walked Into The Room Today Is ALL OF US [WATCH]

The relationship between President Trump and his party is fraying further and further by the day. While the Republican Party thought they had it made when he somehow swindled his way into the White House, they’re quickly growing uncomfortable with the endless drama that dogs this administration.

As more and more Republican lawmakers find some semblance of a spine and speak out against Trump, it’s clear they are frustrated with his unnecessarily divisive outbursts and are slowly accepting the fact that Trump couldn’t care less about their perverse agenda.

That much was beautifully illustrated on the face of Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky this morning. whose facial expressions spoke volumes this morning when Trump entered the room to sign an executive order gutting the Affordable Care Act – an event that should be a happy moment for the ghoulish Rand Paul, who has been waiting for this moment for seven years.

Watch it here:

The perfect moment:

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