LaVar Ball Just Sent Trump A Special Present And Turned The Tables On Him

President Trump made headlines a few weeks ago when he decided to publicly berate three UCLA students of color for not being “grateful enough” for securing their release from the People’s Republic of China, where they were being held after getting caught shoplifting.

The president turned what should have been a minor diplomatic request into a full-blown public feud after he accused the athletes and their families of being “ungrateful” and demanded he be effusively thanked and appreciated for doing his job, exposing his writhing insecurities and spiteful soul for the whole world to see.

Now the father of one of those young men has turned the tables on him. LaVar Ball, father to LiAngelo Ball, decided to mail three pairs of red, white, and blue shoes to President Trump to “show him that we’re patriotic” – but now it’s the President who isn’t being thankful.

Appearing with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on New Day, he was asked “did you learn anything since then about what the president did to help get your son out of trouble?”

“I ain’t learn nothing since. I even sent him a pair of the Z02’s, c’mon now. DIDN’T GET A THANK YOU. I ain’t going to stress it out… He knows he got those shoes, behind closed doors he’s probably wearing them on his feet right now.”

Given that President Trump threw such a fit about being thanked for doing the bare minimum required of a President, the very least he can do is thank the man for some stylish shoes, especially after being so inexcusably rude.

They’re a hot item, you know.

Watch it here:

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