A Judge Is About To Hear Arguments From A Woman Accusing Pres. Trump Of Sexual Assault

President Donald Trump’s legal troubles stemming from multiple investigations by federal authorities into him, his businesses, and campaign team have been a constant thorn in his side ever since he took office – and they’re about to get much worse.

A New York judge is hearing oral arguments on Tuesday about a new lawsuit filed by former Apprentice star Summer Zervos alleging defamation by President Trump and his team after she came forward with accusations that Trump groped her and forcibly kissed her when Trump invited her to discuss a job in the Trump organization.

Trump’s team accused her of lying, and the President himself went on to claim that his accusers were “too ugly” for him to molest. “False stories, all made up. Lies, lies. No witnesses, no nothing. All big lies” complained Trump.

Now she’s bringing his sexual harassment accusations back into the public eye as Trump desperately tries to put a lid on the reek of scandal and chaos that has been unleashed by disgraced National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s decision to cooperate with federal authorities.

Zervos has served Trump and his cronies with a subpoena for all documents pertaining to “any woman alleging that Donald J. Trump touched her inappropriately.” If the judge allows the case to go forward, Trump will have to produce the documents – and who only knows what else they might find.

It seems that all the trails of Trump’s wrongdoing are coming together at the same time. The president must face justice for his crimes against both the women he assaulted and the nation he’s currently abusing.


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