Jared Kushner Told Michael Flynn To Contact The Russians

The Trump White House is finally imploding. This morning, the president got what is perhaps the worst news he has received to date with the bombshell report that disgraced former National Security Michael Flynn has flipped for special counsel Robert Mueller and will testify that Donald Trump directed him to establish contact with Russia.

Now, Bloomberg reports that Jared Kushner could end up trapped on the sinking ship along with the rest of the rats. Last December, Kushner called Flynn and told the retired general to contact every ambassador and foreign minister he could and to do everything within his power to delay a United Nations Security Council vote on a resolution condemning Israeli settlement policy.

The backroom efforts seem to have been coordinated with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who had a vested interest in seeing the resolution aborted.

The news takes on the additional importance given that Flynn testified to the FBI that he did not contact the Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak— the Russian Federation being a permanent member of the Security Council with veto power — in an effort to postpone the vote until President Obama was out of office. Flynn’s testimony has now been revealed to be false.

In other words, the president’s son-in-law undermined a sitting president to affect policy changes advantageous to Trump’s campaign. It also clearly demonstrates a pre-established relationship between Donald Trump’s inner circle and the highest levels of the Russian government.

Given what we now know, it’s a reasonable presumption that this dynamic later segued into collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian Federation. The fact that Flynn lied about this contact to the FBI only strengthens the theory.

It’s still not clear who will be left standing when the dust clears from Mueller’s investigation, but it now seems like a reasonable bet that Kushner will be one of the casualties. Hopefully, for the sake of the country, they all go down before they can inflict more damage on the United States.

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Robert Haffey

Rob Haffey is a graduate of Drexel University and the winner of the ScreenCraft Fellowship.

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