The House Intel Committee Just Issued An Ultimatum To Trump’s Roger Stone Over His Wikileaks Contact

Donald Trump’s longest-serving, least principled political operative is facing compulsory testimony in Congress because he refuses to reveal his back channel to Wikileaks.

Roger Stone testified in front of the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee last month about last year’s campaign and his links to Russian hackers. But he refused to reveal the person, whom he claims is a journalist, that gave him secret information from Wikileaks about their possession of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman’s stolen emails.

Now, bipartisan Representatives in charge of the House Intel Committee’s Russia investigation are telling CNN that they are ready to compel Stone to reveal his Wikileaks links:

The leaders of the House intelligence committee are warning that President Donald Trump associate Roger Stone will be slapped with a subpoena Friday if he does not reveal the name of his intermediary with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

California Rep. Adam Schiff, the committee’s top Democrat told CNN: “We have agreed to subpoena him if he doesn’t provide the information. … We’ll see whether he’s willing to comply or whether we’ll have to use a compulsory process.”

“We’ll give it until tomorrow,” Rep. Mike Conaway, the Texas Republican who is running the House panel’s Russia investigation, told CNN Thursday. Asked if the panel would subpoena Stone if he did not disclose the name by Friday, Conaway said: “Yes. We’ll take the next steps. Hope we don’t have to.”

Amazingly, Stone now claims that an “off the record” agreement with the reporter should somehow protect him as a source from revealing his contact with the journalist. “Off the Record” discussions are a privilege that journalists sometimes extend to their sources, but don’t imply that the source has any known obligation to keep the reporter secret.

Roger Stone has been a Republican cheating machine for decades and landed on the hot seat this year after his statements during the campaign and investigative reports earlier this year proved that he was in contact with Russian hacker front “Guccifer 2.0” during last year’s election.

This infamous tweet has become a millstone around the political operative’s neck for indicating secret knowledge about stolen Democratic Party emails which Guccifer 2.0 claimed to hack, and Wikileaks definitely released.

Last month, Roger Stone released a written statement provided to the House Intel committee, which was riddled with political attacks on the Congressmen but carefully avoiding saying anything important.

Today’s news sharpens the focus of Congressional investigators very narrowly on Roger Stone’s secret communications with Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, who is holed up in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London, to avoid facing rape charges in Sweden.

If Stone didn’t want to tell Congress about his discussions with Assange, then it’s entirely possible that there is a smoking gun that Russian election interference investigators may unearth, just by revealing the intermediary between he and Wikileaks.

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Grant Stern

Editor at Large

Grant Stern is a mortgage broker, activist, columnist, and radio broadcaster in Miami, Florida and Editor at Large of Occupy Democrats.

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