Heartless Trump Just Signed An Executive Order Gutting Obamacare

President Trump has decided that if he isn’t going to be able to kill the Affordable Care Act through Congress, he’s going to do it himself.

This morning, Trump signed an executive order that drastically weakens the Affordable Care Act, allowing insurers to offer cheaper plans to healthy people that are exempt from coverage of pre-existing conditions and don’t have to cover basic essentials like ambulance rides and pregnancy care.

Health policy experts warn this might prompt young, healthy folks to move out of the ACA exchanges for cheap “coverage” that doesn’t actually do anything for you, leaving only sick people to pay for Affordable Care Act plans, which would then prompt a sharp spike in premiums that would fall entirely on the sick and the vulnerable while the young and healthy go uncovered – a lose-lose scenario for America.

It undercuts the entire idea of an insurance market and exposes the true aims of the Republican Party – to destroy the ACA entirely and return the United States to the chaotic wasteland it was before, where insurers and health providers preyed on the sick and the healthy alike and healthcare coverage was a privilege extended only to those who could afford it.

The destruction of the Affordable Care Act would cause enormous suffering as millions of people lose their healthcare – so naturally, the Republican Party is doing whatever it can to kill it.

The entire premise of a for-profit healthcare system is fundamentally flawed and unsustainable. People will always get sick and healthcare is expensive.

Rather than continuing to waste billions of dollars of taxpayer money every year propping up insurance companies who answer to a board of shareholders rather than the people whose lives are in their hands, it’s time the Democratic Party fully endorsed a single-payer healthcare plan and made it clear that our priorities lie with everyday Americans and not the ghouls on Wall Street who make millions off the suffering of the innocent.



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Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

Colin Taylor graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice and equality in America.

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