Eminem Just Publicly Called Out Trump For Ignoring His Diss

When even a single African-American athlete takes a knee, President Trump will fire off angry tweets for weeks, but a white rapper’s anti-Trump message hasn’t even drawn a response yet, and he’s not having it.

Rapper Eminem is livid that Trump is ignoring his barbs and instead focusing on stirring up discrimination, rather than confronting him, a legit critic whose fan base overlaps with the rural and white voter base that Republican appealed to with lies and naked calls for racism.

Eminem’s song “The Storm” has gone viral in the wake of its high-profile debut at the BET Awards (video embedded below), but hasn’t drawn even a slight presidential response. Newsweek reports:

“I was and still am extremely angry,” Eminem said on his XM radio station. “I can’t stand that motherf**ker. I feel like he’s not paying attention to me. I was kind of waiting for him to say something and for some reason, he didn’t say anything.”

In the weeks since October 6, Eminem has begun chants at his live performances insulting the president, BET reports. But these, too, have fallen on deaf ears. Fox News is, unsurprisingly, less surprised that Trump hasn’t responded to the video it calls a “five-minute freestyle rap bashing.”

Eminem actually shares a geographical fanbase with the president. Both of their most devoted fans tend to live “in whiter and more rural places: West Virginia; southern Ohio; eastern Kentucky; deep north Maine; the Ozarks in Missouri; across the Great Plains,” The New York Times pointed out in October. The rapper’s anti-Trump verse, then, might have created a lot of mixed feelings in some of reddest parts of Trump country.

President Trump provided pretty convincing evidence that he sees race-baiting as the prime component of his “Make America Great Again” political messaging by responding to a Washington Post column like this:

Anyone watching Trump’s racist tweets fly by on the news should keep in mind that the President’s real goal is to distract people from looming indictments in the Special Counsel’s Russia investigation.

As Eminem’s fact-based attacks reveal, Donald Trump doesn’t want to go after critics about the legitimate problems they raise.

He’s probably shutting up in the face of Eminem’s attacks because even the Liar-in-Chief has run entirely out of excuses for being called out as incompetent or generally useless, and has no desire to solve America’s problem either.

Ultimately, the President’s lack of combative responses just might assist Eminem’s truth-telling to travel much farther in the rural and red places that got conned into voting for Trump.

Watch Eminem tear Trump to shreds on national TV: 

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Grant Stern

Editor at Large

Grant Stern is a mortgage broker, activist, columnist, and radio broadcaster in Miami, Florida and Editor at Large of Occupy Democrats.

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