Congress’s Top Intel Democrat Just Warned America Of A Massive Trump-Russia Cover-Up

A top Democratic Congressman is sounding the alarm on Republican efforts to shut down the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian election interference as a prelude to a final attack on Special Counsel Mueller’s probe.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is a former federal prosecutor and the Ranking Member on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), who has overseen the panel’s extensive investigation into Russia’s cyber attack that began in a bipartisan fashion, late last year.

Now, Republicans on the panel haven’t scheduled any interviews past this year. Then, this week, GOP members of the panel scheduled two key interviews for New York instead of in Washington, D.C. and they are holding them during key House votes in what Democrats believe is both an effort to freeze them out of the process.

Democrats believe these maneuvers are just a pretense to claim that the House Intel investigation is completed. The New York Times reports:

The House Intelligence Committee is racing to complete its investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, scheduling a host of witness interviews here and in New York for next week as Congress heads for its break, and, Democrats said, leaving other leads unfollowed.

Some of the most important witnesses are to be interviewed in New York by committee staff early next week, possibly leaving Democrats to choose between attending those depositions or voting on the massive tax bill coming before the House.

Rep. Schiff’s grievances also include failure to call a list of witnesses including members of the Flynn Intel Group, employees of Cambridge Analytica whom the panel has investigated since at least October, and repeat interviews with Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and campaign foreign policy advisor Carter Page.

He took to Twitter today after a week of Republicans partisan attacks on the FBI, Special Counsel Mueller and the Department of Justice to sound the alarm about the House Intel committee’s partisan members failure to issue subpoenas and its failure to schedule necessary interviews for next year.

Partisan problems have run rampant in the HPSCI’s Russia probe because Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is still its Chairman, even though he was a member of the Trump transition team, which is itself subject to investigation today.

Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX) took over Nunes’ role in the House Intel Russia investigation after the House Ethics Committee took up a complaint against Nunes for improperly leaking classified materials. Rep. Nunes successfully defended himself from that probe, but Conaway has publicly stated since then that will keep running the Russia probe

America needs a bipartisan investigation of Russian election interference, which it appears the Senate is doing a better job of handling. A bipartisan preliminary report by the Senate’s Intel Committee is expected early next year, with a broader fact-finding report to follow.

Shamefully, Republicans – like House Intel member Rep. Trey Gowdy – are all too happy to investigate Benghazi in the House no less than five times for explicitly partisan gain, but when it comes to a real national security threat, they’re all too ready to sweep it under the rug for partisan reasons.

Regardless of whom Republicans keep in charge of the House Intel Panel’s probe today, those GOP politicians seem to be motivated by President Trump’s pathetic Tweets begging them to “DO SOMETHING!” than to get to the truth.

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Grant Stern

Editor at Large

Grant Stern is a mortgage broker, activist, columnist, and radio broadcaster in Miami, Florida and Editor at Large of Occupy Democrats.

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