Congress Just Discovered Incriminating New Emails About Trump Jr.’s Secret Russia Meeting

Congressional investigators just found new emails about Donald Trump Jr.’s infamous Trump Tower meeting between Russian agents last June and the highest levels of his father’s Presidential campaign.

These emails show two very important topics that Don Jr.’s public alibi about a meeting about Russian adoptions totally omitted, and prove that there were, in fact, follow-up communications with Rob Goldstone about the infamous Trump Tower meeting. 

Trump Jr.’s meeting covered topics including false allegations of Russian funding going to the DNC and urging the Republican nominee to join Russian social network Vkontakte.

Publicist Rob Goldstone’s latest emails revealed follow-up communications with the current White House Social Media Director while he worked on the campaign, and as well an “eerie coincidence” when the DNC hacks were revealed only 5 days after the meeting. CNN reports:

The British publicist who arranged the June 2016 meeting with Russians and Donald Trump Jr. sent multiple emails to a Russian participant and a member of Donald Trump’s inner circle later that summer, multiple sources told CNN, the first indication there was any follow-up after the meeting.

The emails from the publicist, Rob Goldstone, were discovered by congressional investigators and raised at Wednesday’s classified hearing with Trump Jr., who said he could not recall the interactions, several sources said.

After the New York Times broke the story of Trump Jr.’s meeting with the Russians, he went onto his safe space, Hannity’s Fox News entertainment program, to falsely claim that there “wasn’t really a follow-up.”

Not only did Rob Goldstone continue to follow up throughout the summer, he broadened the scope of his communications to include one of the two topics of the Trump Tower meeting which also hasn’t been previously disclosed. He emailed the Trump Campaign’s top social media advisor and current White House Social Media Director to convince the Republican nominee to join Russia’s largest social network Vkontakte. CNN reported exclusively:

An email from Goldstone to senior Trump aide Dan Scavino, now the White House director of social media, reveals a previously undisclosed topic that was discussed at the meeting. It encourages Scavino to get candidate Trump to create a page on the Russian social networking site VK, telling him that “Don and Paul” were on board with the idea — a reference to then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Trump Jr.

Vkontakte (Vk) functions similarly to Facebook, with its own private messaging system like Facebook and is primarily owned by a Russian oligarch closely linked to the Kremlin. CNN’s reporters couldn’t find evidence of a Trump campaign page on the Vk social network.

Congress obtained more emails from Goldstone to Ike Kaveladze, the notorious money launderer identified as the 8th man in the room of his Trump Tower meeting, where he discussed the DNC hacks in a way suggesting that there was yet another salacious topic discussed with Don Jr. According to CNN:

In one email dated June 14, 2016, Goldstone forwarded a CNN story on Russia’s hacking of DNC emails to his client, Russian pop star Emin Agalarov, and Ike Kaveladze, a Russian who attended the meeting along with Trump Jr., Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and Manafort, describing the news as “eerily weird” given what they had discussed at Trump Tower five days earlier.

If that wasn’t suspicious enough, Kaveladze’s son, George, sent his father an email, “asking why Trump Jr. was admitting “collusion,” two sources with knowledge of the email told CNN.” 

Donald Trump Jr.’s alibi is falling apart now that Congress is picking apart his blanket claim to Fox’s Sean Hannity top Trump lapdog that, “It was such a nothing, there was no reason to follow up. It was a waste of time.”

House Intelligence Committee Democrats grilled Trump Jr. about these previously undisclosed conversations and the hidden follow-up to the meeting, and he predictably responded by saying he “could not recall” the communications.

Trump Jr. was quite sure just a few months ago that his meeting with Goldstone at Trump Tower was a waste of time without follow-up, then it’s a good bet that his bad memory is another part of his family’s cover-up of whatever dirty deals they cut with Russia during last year’s election.

It is a felony federal crime to lie or cover up material facts federal investigators or a Congressional investigation, which happens to be the very same law which two former Trump campaign foreign affairs advisors Gen. Mike Flynn and George Papadopolous have pleaded guilty to violating.

Donald Trump Jr.’s attempts to cover up the real contents of his meetings with Russian agents threaten to legally ensnare him in the same trap.

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h/t to CNN’s reporters Jim SciuttoManu Raju and Jeremy Herb on their exclusive reporting.

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