A Close Source Just Revealed Prince Harry Won’t Invite Trump To His Royal Wedding

The recent royal marriage announcement from the British royal family between Prince Harry and Megan Markle is set to be one of the most talked-about events of 2018 – but the President of the United States will not be disgracing them with his presence.

Social media has been abuzz discussing whether or not Donald Trump would be invited to the royal nuptials, and US Weekly is now reporting that the issue has been put to rest.

“Harry thinks the president is a serious threat to human rights” and is “not a fan of Trump: says one of the magazine’s infamous “close sources.” 

Harry’s fiancee Markle agrees, having previously referred to the President as a misogynist.

Newsweek also weighed in on the issue, noting that since the President’s official state visit to the United Kingdom was canceled earlier this year due to enormous public outcry and plans for extensive protests, the prospect of similar protests at the wedding would definitely turn them off inviting toxic Trump.

If Trump were to appear at Prince Harry’s wedding in spring 2018, it would likely spark protests. When Prime Minister Theresa May offered Trump a state visit early this year, polls showed that 2 million people intended to take part in a protest against him. The risk of embarrassment were such a protest to occur at a royal wedding, might put the couple off inviting such a controversial figure.

President Trump, who hungers for the spotlight and obsesses over rubbing shoulders with the famous and the powerful, will be furious at being denied an invitation.

We can definitely expect a tweet in the near future detailing how he was invited but he declined it because of some ridiculously self-affirming reason.

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