For Christmas, Bill Maher Just Gave Trump Credit For The First Time Ever

As December rolls around, Americans are forced to endure the common conservative refrain slamming the liberals’ “war on Christmas.” Apparently, the fact that some people have the audacity to wish others “happy holidays” as opposed to invoking the name of their lord and savior, Jesus Christ, regardless of the religion of the person with whom they’re speaking is akin to a war for Republicans.

Trump, however, has arrived at long last to bring Christmas back to the United States.

Bill Maher heard Trump taking credit for bringing Christmas back “bigger and better than ever” and took to Twitter to address the quote.

Of course, it goes without saying that there is no “war on Christmas.” Rather, the refrain is simply a conservative tactic to stir up controversy where there is none. It gives consumers of Fox News something to get angry about, to lambast Democrats about being too politically correct, and to control the political narrative for at least a month with some archetypal fear mongering.

The “war on Christmas” normally gives Republicans at least a modicum of cover to attempt to enact some form of deplorable legislation, although they seem to have shed any desire for subtlety. With a tax bill that will raise the deficit by $1.44 trillion, strip health insurance from 13 million Americans, and raise taxes on the most vulnerable in our country by 2027, Republicans have been shamelessly overt in their efforts to subvert the will of the American public.

Forget the war on Christmas; Republicans have waged a war on American democracy.

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Brian Tyler Cohen

Brian Tyler Cohen is a political writer, actor, and comedy sketch director. He graduated from Lehigh University with a dual degree in English and Business. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

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