Ann Coulter Just Admitted She Has A Pathetic Existence And Social Media Is Having A Field Day

This morning, professional racist and right-wing provocateur Ann Coulter took to Twitter in order to complain about Sen. Marco Rubio’s last-minute grandstand against the Republican tax bill in order to secure the expansion of child tax credits for working families.

But her tweet may have projected a little more than she realized…

In Coulter’s case, there’s little question as to why she lives an empty life of quiet desperation. Her career of exploiting xenophobic idiots and appealing to people’s worst instincts by spewing outrageous lies and destructive, divisive vitriol apparently does not make for a happy home life.

Social media immediately began ruthlessly mocking the pundit, telling her that it’s just what she deserves for a lifetime of callous cruelty and racism.

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